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GoPro Fusion Review

Posted: Sat 03 Aug, 2019 2:33 pm
by Darron
Original review - with sweary words :D ... p?f=6&t=53

I've had a couple of Gopro camera's in my time, and my favourite is the Hero 6. A very expensive camera at £400 a couple of years ago, but it's quality is excellent, it has GPS tracking with things like Speed, height and climbing graphs and air time (when these work, as they are a bit twitchy). The software is absolutely terrible, it makes clips of up to two minutes only. Yes another pointless peice of software from GoPro.

So when Gopro launched the Fusion, a 360° camera with all the bells and whistles I've come to expect... I started saving.

Well it arrived today and it's shite.

The hardware is faultless, however it's the software that lets this camera down.
The name of the software LIES before you even start using it. Gopro Fusion Studio. THIS IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to being studio like software, ALL IT DOES IS STITCH the two 180 degree videos. AND THATS IT!

There is NO keyframing, so no moving from one angle to another, no transitions either.
You can do all this in Adobe Premiere, but who wants to spend yet another £20 (and that's PER MONTH), on top of the near £400 asking price.

If you want an excellent 360 camera and the ability to move things around and make your video intersting to watch... then you really need to look at the Insta360 One X

The hardware is on par with the Fusion, but it's software is UTTERLY brilliant. All those videos on Youtube that you see, you know the ones that show smooth transitions from one viewpoint to another, transitions from 360 to tiny planet to rabbit hole and back again, all buttery smooth and no cuts... the Insta360 One X does that.

The GoPro fusion software doesn't, IT SUCKS!

To be honest, I was seriously butt-hurt by the Hero 6, the only video editing app this came with is called Gopro Quik.. again it's completely shit. It doesn't join the video segments into one long video, there's no editing ability and it also forces you to take all the segments and create a 2 minute highlite video.

There's a long running rumour that Gopro is in serious trouble, and given the quality of the software I'm not surprised. They deserve to suffer. Ironically it wouldn't take much work to improve their video apps and put them on top again. Their hardware is amazing... the software - POINTLESS.

You know, GoPro is like the British and cricket. We inveted the game, we ruled the world at it, and now everyone beats us at our own game.

This is the last gopro camera I'll ever buy.

This is the camera I wish I'd bought instead

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Re: GoPro Fusion Review

Posted: Sat 03 Aug, 2019 2:36 pm
by Darron
My first edited 360 video, I pause for a few minutes at the start due to having a gimbal problem. So skip to 4 minutes to see it without the delay.

The fusion studio render took around 3 hours to complete, and that's just stitching the video.

I had to make the video with the Insta360 One X studio. It's free too, my favourite price.

The unedited video, this is a 360 video only.

Re: GoPro Fusion Review

Posted: Sat 03 Aug, 2019 2:38 pm
by Darron
My first ever tiny planet